Elite Energy Utilities will develop, service and deliver various growth opportunities across energy-efficient markets. With a significant and quality network of clients, partners and relevantly qualified engineers, technicians, and installer professionals across the UK we can provide various solutions to suit customer needs, from able-to-pay to finance options.

Elite Energy are also an approved installer for the ECO scheme and provide access to support grant funding for homeowners, tenants and councils alike. Check out our Services Tab to see how we can reduce your carbon footprint & energy bills.

Elite Energy Recruitment is tenacious when it comes to attracting and retaining the best skills in the market place for the roles available in our partner portfolio. We have a proven way to find elite personnel with the right skill set and best mindset. We make sure companies engage the right people to start or develop either their projects or careers. No matter where your office is, or where your next project is going to be - we will have the right candidate for you¡Kanywhere.

Our team is experienced in geo-market challenges and motivated to deliver what is possible. We drive results through value, not only financially but for common and social good, adding to our ambition to be a partner of choice and part of a meaningful and sustainable business solution. We aim to ensure that our portfolio of partners comprises companies with vision and values that align with ours.

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